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What Are The Top Fairground Rides Among Tourists?

There is no question that tourists love a good ride at the local fairgrounds! For many people, it brings back a sense of innocence and fun. Add in some good food and it is a great day for all! This got us to wondering what are some of the most popular fairground rides for sale in some famous amusement rides manufacturers, such as Beston and Chance Rides? These are the rides that bring people in from all over.

ferris wheel
Beston Fairground Wheel Ride for Sale

One of the top draws at any local carnival occasions or fair is the all-time favorite Ferris wheel. For many people, a fair is simply not a fair without the amusement park wheel right in the center of the fairgrounds. Many people love the fact that this is a slow-moving ride but can be just as terrifying. If you have a fear of heights, the Ferris wheel can be just as terrifying as the largest amusement park roller coaster! However, for most people, it is a ride that is romantic and a great place to steal that first kiss!

bumper cars
Beston Electric and Battery Bumper Cars for Sale

For those people who like to keep their feet firmly on the ground, you can’t beat a great selection of carnival games. While they are not rides, they are a true staple of any fair. Tourists love to spend money trying to win that one awesome prize. A great selection of carnival games with the right prizes is an excellent way to add multiple income streams to any fairground event. Even people who never win that one big prize will always have good memories of a night along the carnival game alley. Of course, you will almost always see the alley leading right up to this next popular ride, the fairground bumper cars.

Bumper cars have been a staple at fairs and carnivals for years. It is just a fun ride that really defies logic. Why do so many people love the bumper cars? It is basically road rage without the insurance claims and possible medical bills! Yet, you will see lines of children and adults at all hours ready to put that car into gear and try and wreck their Grandma! It may just be a subconscious way of getting rid of anger and hospitality in a fun manner. Whatever, the reason, one can not have a successful event without a bumper car attraction. Just remember to lead this group of people directly to the next giant of the fairground, the Tilt A Whirl!

The Tilt-A-Whirl is a slightly more extreme ride to beak onto our list. However, it remains quite popular as it is fast, spins, and remains on the ground. This is a perfect thrill ride for those who simply do not want to try out the fairground rollercoaster. It is a great ride for family, friends, and teens who are hoping to get smashed up to the one they are crushing on!

Of course, there are many other rides and attractions that could have made this list. We just believe these are the ones that are sure to bring in a tourist crowd to spend money at your event for the day! Check this page for more types of fairground rides: