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Notice for Choose a Large Roller Coaster

Large roller coaster is a very exciting amusement park equipment. What kind of things we need to pay attention to when riding a roller coaster in the amusement park, and those who are not suitable for a roller coaster, here is a brief description of how to choose a large amusement park roller coaster ride.

thrill large roller coaster

What should we pay attention to when playing large amusement equipment like roller coasters:

  • If you have something on your pocket, you must use a zipper or a shackle, otherwise do not put anything on your body;
  • Do not wear a long necklace, may stretch the neck during the roller coaster running, twisting.
  • Girls do not wear too elegant skirts and over sized clothes;
  • Do not wear frame glasses and hats;
  • Do not wear leather shoes or sandals without buckles;
  • Do not wear slippers, especially wearing flip-flops;
  • Play the roller coaster must be close to the seat, because the head will hit the armrest of the seat when shaking;

Those people should not take a roller coaster?

  • High myopia should not take a large roller coaster rides;
  • Suffering from cardiovascular patients should not take a large roller coaster;
  • Cervical vertebra patients should not sit too fast roller coaster rides;
  • The weak heart should avoid riding a stimulating roller coaster;
  • Pregnant women cannot take large roller coaster rides;
  • Children less than 1.4 meters should not take a large roller coaster

The above is a matter that tourists should pay attention to and need to know when they are playing. Editors hopes that all tourists can have fun in the playground and play safely.

large roller coaster

So what kind of roller coaster is suitable for investment, which is more suitable for investment in large roller coasters and family roller coasters?

First of all, we must consider our own investment budget. There are millions of large roller coasters. The price of family roller coasters is more in line with the small and medium-sized investors. The second thing to consider is the tourist population of the venue. Large-scale intensive tourist attractions, the return of investment in large roller coasters is relatively slow.

Once again, we must also consider the size of the site. Some sites are on the top of the mountain. If the construction cost of the previous large roller coaster will increase a lot, the maintenance of the latter will require very professional staff. Otherwise, it will be difficult to guarantee the smooth operation of the roller coaster. Therefore, Human resources links have to be considered,

From the return of the courier, other family roller coasters are more secure, the audience is wide, and the daily revenue data is larger, so the return to the courier will be relatively faster.

Of course, if it is a large-scale scenic spot, building a professional amusement park, a large roller coaster is a must, large roller coasterĀ and carousel plus bumper car, is a classic configuration of the playground, indispensable. As for the Ferris wheel, it depends on the investment plan to determine whether it needs to be configured.